Agricultural Solar Panels

Many farmers are now beginning to understand the potential of being able to use unproductive farmland to generate electricity. With electricity prices on the increase, farmers around the UK are searching for new ideas in reducing the costs of energy bills. Agricultural solar panels are now in great demand to provide the power needed especially for:-

  • Grain drying
  • Cold storage
  • Milking machines
  • Heating for chicken sheds and byres


Having agricultural solar panels installed can also earn an income from spare roof space while at the same time helping to cut down on CO2 emissions. Solar panels are now considered to be more cost-effective than having to spend cash on electricity grid upgrades.


Benefits of Agricultural Solar Panels


Installing agricultural solar panels will allow you to take control of your energy needs along with providing a number of other benefits such as:-


  • Reducing electricity bills against rising energy prices
  • Cutting carbon emissions and doing your bit for the environment
  • Being able to sell excess power to earn additional income
  • Maximising a good return on a solar panel investment by incorporating a 10% income from the Feed-in Tariff


Ground mounted solar panels can be installed almost anywhere on agricultural land while standard solar panels are ideal on the roofs of grain stores, cold stores, chicken sheds and farm buildings.


Commercial Case Study


Location : Rural Northumberland

Installation : Solar Photovoltaic

Hadrian Electrical installed 2 x 8KWp solar PV array’s for this busy holiday let and health club business. The idea is to reduce the sites energy use resulting in savings and secure a 20 year index linked income. The install compliments the clients bio mass boiler install and he believes the low carbon footprint of the venue adds to his guests enjoyment.


Why choose us?

The products we distribute and install are manufactured to the highest quality. All agricultural solar panels are durable, efficient and specifically designed for farmland. Our specialists monitor all the systems we install and offer a reliable aftercare service if required. We can answer any queries or questions that you may have for instance:-


  • Will I have to get planning permission?
  • What sort of return can be expected on my investment?
  • How long will it take to have solar panels supplied and fitted?
  • Can you provide me with more information concerning the Feed-in Tariff?


As experts in the field, we have already built up an ongoing customer rapport with many satisfied clients who have chosen to invest in agricultural solar panels. Why not check out our online case studies to find out more about these exciting renewable energy options? Having more than thirty years of experience behind us in the North East of England and Northumberland, we are confident of being able to provide a professional service and top of the range agricultural solar panels.


Products available


Solar PV Tracker – this tracker works by converting natural sunlight into electrical power. It maximises the sun’s energy to produce electricity that can be used for personal use including earning extra income from the Feed-in Tariff system. It’s the perfect product to protect your farm against rising energy costs.


Standard Solar Photovoltaic – these panels can be mounted on roofs or on the ground. Suitable for domestic and farm buildings, standard solar panels convert sunlight into electrical power. It’s the ideal type of renewable energy that doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.