Farm Wind Turbines

Have you ever thought about generating your own electricity on your farm from wind power? Whatever type of farm you have whether it be dairy, sheep or arable, wind turbines can have their output directly connected to the existing mains electricity supply. The energy produced by the wind turbine means the energy used from your main supply will reduce the farm’s electricity costs substantially. What’s more, if you produce more than enough energy for your needs, there is the opportunity to export surplus energy and sell it to the electricity supplier. The Green Energy Cash Back Scheme or Feed-in Tariffs as it is more commonly known, introduced in 2010. This was created to provide a subsidy on all electricity generated, whether you use it yourself or decide to sell it to the National Grid.


The Key Benefits of Agricultural Wind Turbines

Dairy, sheep and poultry farmers use a lot of electrical output via their farm equipment which can have an impact on profit margins. Processing equipment, heating and lighting applications on rural farms often consume large amounts of electricity during their day to day operations. Robust and durable wind turbines are engineered to produce power in even the most hostile of environments, year in and year out. They can produce more electricity at lower wind speeds so are a viable investment offering many key benefits for instance:-


  • Lower cost of energy
  • A safeguard against higher electricity costs
  • A reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Providing incentive programmes for the owner


Baileytown Case Study

farm wind turbine baileytown

Location : North West

Installation : Tozzi Nord TN535 10KWp wind turbine

Hadrian Electrical planned, installed and registered the Tozzi Nord TN535 wind turbine at Baileytown. The client was looking to secure a 20 year index linked income as well cover the energy he used milking his 200 head dairy herd and therefore making large energy savings.


The turbine compliments his 13KWp ( 52 x 250Wp panel ) solar array also installed by Hadrian Electrical.


Reduce your electricity bill

Having a wind turbine on a farm is the answer in cutting back on electricity bills while earning extra income. To start the ball rolling, get in touch with us to discuss our range of services. We can help you decide on the right type of wind turbine for your particular farm whatever the size. Have a chat with one of our friendly advisers regarding:-


  • Siting
  • Installation
  • Conducting a full site survey
  • Dealing with planning authorities
  • Liaising with electricity companies


We can professionally assess your site and estimate the pay-back return on any wind turbine investment. Our experienced specialists will install a wind turbine for you, commission it as well as provide a wide range of post-installation services that include maintenance and repair.


Types of Agricultural wind turbines

We are leading installers and distributors of the following types of agricultural wind turbines in the North of England and Northumberland.


  • Tozzi Nord TN535 10kw turbine – this turbine is a leading top quality, small wind turbine. It outperforms its competitors by 36% on a typical 5m/s site.


  • Kingspan Wind 6kw turbine – the KW6 has a unique blade and hinge design that allows it to regulate its rotational speed to maximise output. It will continue operating even during the most inclement weather.


  • Kingspan Wind 15kw turbine – this particular agricultural wind turbine is very popular with farmers. It offers high performance, efficient energy generation and four levels of rotor speed control.