INDUSTRY NEWS: Renewable Heat Incentive – SPRING 2014

Phase 2 of the Domestic RHI scheme is due to be released and approved by parliament in Spring of 2014. Following the government’s announcement on the 12th July 2013 the main points of the domestic RHI are as follows;

  • the financial support will be paid at a set rate per unit of renewable heat produced (kilowatt hour or kWh), for seven years, to the owner of the heating system


  • the scheme will support air source heat pumps (ASHP), biomass systems, ground source heat pumps (GSHP) and solar thermal technologies. The support rates will vary depending on the technology installed


  •  to help improve performance of renewable heating systems, there will be an extra incentive for applicants who install metering and monitoring service packages, of £230 per year for heat pumps and £200 per year for biomass boilers


Air Source Heat Pump


Ground Source Heat Pump

Solar Thermal

Tariff (p/kWh renewable heat)





See the release by the Energy Savings Trust: