Solar Panel Installation

H E Servicing Ltd design, supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for homes and business throughout the North of England.

How do Solar Panels work?











Solar PV works by converting sunlight into electrical power, using a thin layer of semi-conducting silicon material, enclosed in a glass and aluminium frame. When exposed to sunlight the semi-conducting material causes electrons in the silicon to be freed and as they move through the material they produce an electric current known as a direct current (DC). This DC current is passed through an inverter, which converts it to alternating current (AC) so it can be connected to your property’s electricity distribution board. From there it can be used by you for free or exported back into the national grid to earn you a ‘Feed in Tariff’ and ‘Export tariff’ income.

Product PDF brochure

Product PDF brochure


Benefits of Solar PV Installation

  • Reduce your electricity bills. Free electric for your own use from your solar panels.
  • Protection and mitigation against fuel inflation and rising electricity costs
  • An income from the Governments feed-in tariff, which pays you an amount per kWh of the electricity generated.
  • The feed-in tariff is guaranteed by the Government for 20 years and is index linked and adjusted annually.
  • Sell electricity back to the national grid. Any surplus electricity generated and not used can be sold back to the national grid for an export tariff.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Solar electricity production is clean, renewable energy and doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide.
  • Solar PV still generates power on dull days; they simply need light to produce electricity.


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Ground Mounted Solutions

If you don’t have the roof space for a solar panel installation, why not consider a ground mounted option? Ground mounted systems can be suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Whether it is in your garden, on a working farm or outside your business, you can double up your land use and produce clean, renewable electricity.
Where a typical solar install on a building is not possible, ground mounted options offer an alternative solution. They can be tailored on site to allow sheep to graze underneath them or to act as additional amenities such as screening or shelter for a range of options creating a two fold benefit.


Ground mount land use



Hadrian’s Approach

H E Servicing are approved installers of Scheuco, Romag, Yingli and Canadian Solar PV panels so are able to specify the best panel for your application. H E Servicing can offer typical ‘on roof’ solar options as well as ‘in roof’ and ground mounted solar solutions.