Solar Thermal

H E Servicing Ltd design, supply and install Solar Thermal systems for domestic and commercial properties in the North of England

How does Solar Thermal work?

Solar Thermal systems harness the heat from solar energy and transfer it via a transfer fluid (usually an anti-freeze such as glycol) to your hot water system. This means the hot water you require is provided, free from solar insolation. The circulation of this fluid can be achieved through use of a solar pumping station. This heat transfer circuit usually supplies your hot water cylinder so you can store the energy to use at a later date. This process is very efficient and means you don’t lose much energy. A back up heat source such as an immersion is also commonly utilised to ensure you always have hot water, even on those particularly dull days.


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Benefits of Solar Thermal

  • Designed to work in conjunction with most heating systems
  • Relatively cheap compared with other renewable technologies
  • Can provide up to 50% of all your annual hot water needs with up to 100% in summer months
  • Offers huge fuel savings from Oil, LPG, Electric heating
  • Attracts the Renewable Heat Incentive and Renewable Heat Premium Payment
  • Simple installation
  • Requires very little roof space
  • Can be installed with existing heating systems


Hadrian’s Approach

H E Servicing are approved installers of both flat plate and evacuated tube solar thermal systems. We offer design, supply and installation to domestic and commercial applications and so are able to specify the best system for your needs.