Solar Tracker Case Study

Solar Tracker in Consett

Hownes Gill Farm Tea Room, Consett DH8 9AA.


Benefits of Solar Trackers

The Farm Café tea room, Consett has installed aSonnen Dual Axis Tracker. Owned by John and Stephen Shaw, Hownes Gill Farm currently uses 21, 000 kWh of electricity per annum. This will be reduced by more than 50% with the dual axis tracker producing 11, 202 kWh per annum.


The capital cost of the install will be recovered within 8 years leaving the remaining 12 years cash positive with the added security against fuel inflation. The revolutionary dual axis tracker produces up to 45% more electricity than a fixed solar array as the panels are always aligned to the optimum angle following the suns path from day to day and from season to season. The axis of the tracker moves horizontally and vertically to account for seasonality and the differing path of the sun. There is a high precision astronomical control system to control the dual axis. In addition, the tracker also has a high tech communication hub to allow for performance monitoring from anywhere with a wifi signal.


These tracking systems are common place in Europe on industrial estates, car parks and farms alike. They can be sited anywhere there is an electricity supply causing minimal visual impact and producing clean, renewable energy whilst boasting an attractive investment.